Gustav Rust Political Publications, Berlin:

In the Clutches of the NKVD and the Stasi behind the Wall of Shame and Barbed Wire, a documentary report, DIN A-4, in German 740 pages, DM 118/60 Euro ISBN: 3-9806381-2-X; in English 396 pages, DM 78/39.90 Euro ISBN: 3-98063381-X, with copies of many NKVD and Stasi files including many photos from private sources, photos of the victims, from the Berlin Federal archives and Ullstein-Bild, Berlin. The book can also be ordered directly from the editor: G. Rust, Liebenowzeile 6, 12167 Berlin, Fax: 030-796 29 94 or by E-mail:

The editor Gustav Rust, himself a political prisoner for more than 9 years in the "DDR“, and now also unfortunately by the reunified Federal Germany, for the non-payment of a fine for alleged "attempted blackmail“ due to his denunciation of the SED in 1968, a fine he neither could or would pay and was therefore imprisoned for three months in Ploetzensee by the "Constitutional State“; whilst at the same time thousands of SED/Stasi beasts and their "henchmen“ along with Ulbrichts "willing executioners“ were running around unified Germany, grinning all over their faces, striking anew another blow with the "Fist of the Working Class“: He documents countless crimes committed by the NKVD and the SED/Stasi against their victims in a thick , 396-page, DIN A-4 volume.

For anyone, who – like the writer – was himself a victim, the language of the organs of SED justice and their Stasi-slaves is somewhat tiresome. For a historian – or layman – it is on the other hand a rich source of information!

It is far more interesting, because Rust writes in clear text, how he and other victims feel, in relation to the situation in unified Germany, where the German Communist Party (PDS) has already long been presentable and capable of governing, because ALL established parties are led by hypocrites – his own words in the edirotial preface. The former Maoist in the “DDR“, openly a fearless member of the Republican Party from 1990 – 2001, which has caused him a lot of trouble as well as generating a great deal of hostility, demonstrates his unconcealed repugnance of many parties, politicians and associations in present-day Germany. Whether it be Schroeder, Trittin, "Joschka“ Fischer, Scharping or Kohl – all of them come under fire.

Rust summarises in heavy type and addresses himself directly to those named: "Such hypocrisy makes one sick“.

The irate author, who often signs his books at the crosses erected for the victims of the Berlin Wall, near the Reichstag – dressed in prison uniform and handcuffs, recommends visitors to Germany "Not to forget their gas-mask, because Germany stinks!“

Today the SED-victim has some regrets, he reflects with sarcastic irony, that he did not take up the offer of a Stasi interrogator in 1960 and worked for the "firm of listen, look and grab, then today he might have been "The Premier Minister of the State of Brandenburg“. (Manfred Stolpe was Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior).

In view of the amount of work involved, the price of the book is justified, when one considers an NKVD or Stasi-file from the 1950s, which has not been prepared for printing. The comrades typed to the far right-hand side of the page and down to the bottom, so Rust had to cut out most of the text, make it smaller, stick it to a new sheet of paper, then copy it so that there was a margin all round...

Then there were the high costs of the archive photos (Ullstein wanted DM 340 for the wrap-round cover photo alone).

The book in question is a not be underestimated and is a valuable contribution to catching up with NKVD and SED/Stasi crimes, obviously undesirable in a reunited Germany, but seen by some dummy organisations and costly institutions, which swallow up millions, and which served formerly camouflage and to play down the red dictatorship, as an urgent necessity for clarifying the situation to the uninformed in a playful and fun-loving society of living Germans.

From the many victims mentioned in the book, here are but a few:
Gebhard zu Putlitz threw himself from the 3rd floor to his death in Bautzen I in 1948, because the NKVD guard wanted to remove the gold crowns from his teeth with a screwdriver, Alexander Latotzkys`grandmother was raped a strangled by two Soviets in Berlin-Schoeneberg in 1946. Her daughter reported this but was then sentenced to 15 years hard labour by a Soviet Military Tribunal. She had a relationship with a Ukranian guard in the Soviet concentration camp at Bautzen and bore her child Alexander in prison. They were sent to Sachsenhausen together but later parted. Josef Kneifel wanted to light a torch in 1980: He tried to blow up the memorial to the 8th May 1945 – a Soviet tank in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz). One of the heavy tank-tracks was blown into the grounds of the regional people`s police headquarters.

The book is a must for every bookshelf – at least for every public library. I would also recommend it to the various victims` associations and their sections and wish this work of diligence every success and a large readership.

Kuo Xing-hu, publicist, Amsterdam